Adult Sports Leagues In Oklahoma City

Check out OSSO Softball!!!

OSSO Softball takes the balls & strikes out of the game to create tons more action! Teams pitch to their own players (Up to 4 per batter), Homeruns over the fence count as outs & OSSO provides the bats & balls so no one has a juiced up advantage! The result is a game with lots more balls in play & involvement from all positions, no matter what your skill level!


Sometimes, we even play “slosh ball” or “slap the bag” – it’s the same game, with the addition of foamy, hoppy beverages or vino.


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You Provide the Fun!

OSSO provides the bats, in addition to the playing field and the officials. 

There are no additional fees in OSSO leagues, Team Dri Fit Shirts are included, NO REF Fees, NO admission to fields, NO forfeit fees & you can bring your own beverages to the field (but please NO GLASS!)

Gather your mates and sign up your team for the upcoming season! Or, if you don’t have enough to field a full team, sign up anyway and we’ll help connect you with others. It’s a great way to get out, meet new people and, allegedly, get some exercise.


And, after the game, enjoy food and drink specials at the LIGHTHOUSE BEACH BAR!



But First, The Rules

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