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Fantasy Football is the language of buddies & co-workers throughout the fall & winter months. It brings everyone together, draft nerds & ex-football stars & old college friends & professional sharks alike to talk about their fantasy teams. Technology has brought us fantasy football with strangers at the click of a mouse, but has taken the root of fantasy leagues out….the live draft, the trash talking, the meetups, the watch party!

OSSO Social Fantasy Football is bringing all that back…with the payouts!


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OSSO Social Fantasy Football offers the intense thrill of a live draft with everyone present (not Bob autodrafting or Jimmy picking online from work). Weekly Monday Night Football watch parties at OKC’s premier Sportsbar, CHALK. Weekly Payouts for Team High Points & Individual Player High Points. Unique scoring & roster management to keep EVERYONE engaged all season. BIG Cash payouts for division champions & league champions….and the end of season Awards party!


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Here's the place to get the word out about Fantasy Football. You can promote upcoming leagues, explain your format, and post Widgets like Mini Promos, Schedules, Photo Galleries, and Champs. Consider using a different layout than your home page to add some variety.