Adult Sports Leagues In Oklahoma City

You Can’t Strike Out!

Join a different kind of Rec bowling league in OKC. "Nine-Pin" bowling is easy to learn, easy to enjoy and, most importantly for some, easy to play with one hand (while the other holds a beverage of your choice).


It’s a great way to form a team with some friends and hone your ability to perform a skill that has virtually no application elsewhere in the average adult’s life. 


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WHERE is the Tenth Pin?

Don’t worry, for 9 Pin Leagues, that tenth pin is still there…but 9-Pin bowling just means that if you knock down 9 pins on your first roll of each frame, it counts as a strike! Everyone is a much better bowler when your scores are higher!!!


How are OSSO 9-Pin Bowling Played?

9-Pin Bowling is played in teams of 4 and everyone bowls 3 games each week


The perks of joining OSSO’s 9 pin bowling league include:

  • Shoe rentals
  • Vintage Team shirt
  • 10 FREE Practice Games Per Session (Call ahead for Lane Availablity)


Bonus: Our league is just 7 weeks long, not 6 months or more like some traditional bowling leagues. We don’t expect you to make some ridiculous commitment here.

Did we mention co-ed teams are highly encouraged? You can’t lose! (Well, technically, you can… but you’ll have tons of fun anyway!)



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