• You can reschedule those games to any other time during the week.
  • If you can’t find a new time to play, the person who can't play at the original time forfeits.
  • Also, if your opponent doesn’t show/isn’t responsive within 30 mins of your scheduled game, it is a forfeit for him/her. Please let me know & submit a score of 3-0. 




  • Before each game, PLEASE MESSAGE your opponent to get your gamer tags/MW tags to add on your system.
  • Difficulty Level: Semi-pro
  • Game time: 5 minute period- if tied 5 minutes then shootout
  • Play a total of 3 games. Even if it's 2-0 complete the third game. 
  • Afterwards, please SUBMIT the NUMBER OF GAMES WON (I.e. if you won 2 games and your opponent won 1, enter the score as 2-1).