Mario Kart



  • You can reschedule games to any other time.
  • If you can’t find a new time to play, the person who can't play at the original time forfeits.
  • Also, if your opponent doesn’t show/isn’t responsive within 30 mins of your scheduled game, it is a forfeit for him/her. Please let me know & submit a score of 100-0.



  • Before each game, PLEASE MESSAGE your opponent to get your Switch friend code to add on your Switch.
    • To connect with each other online:
      1. Please add each other as friends on your switch.
      2. One of you will create the room ("Online Play" > "Friends" > "Create Room" )
      3. The other will join the room ("Online Play > "Friends" > Click on Friends' Name under "Friends")
  • You will race 4 races in VS 150cc.
  • Auto Accelerate: OFF
  • COM: No COM
  • Vehicles: All Vehicles
  • Courses: All Random
  • Items: Normal Items
  • Motion Controls: Personal Choice
  • Afterwards, submit the final points that you and your opponent had after the 4 races (i.e. 57 points to 50 points)