1. League games consist of 3 games bowled per night for 7 weeks in a 9 pin no-tap format. 9 Pin No-Tap means that 9 pins knocked down on the first roll of each frame counts as a strike!


2. Practice bowling will start 10 minutes before game time. BE ON TIME!


3. ALL BOWLERS will have set average & handicap at the end of first 3 games bowled. This allows for the Great Players & Not-So-Great Players to compete & contribute to their teams success! (For those new to bowling, base average & handicap can be somewhat confusing…but don’t worry, just bowl & have fun!)


4. Handicap: Shall be 80% of 200 base average for all members of the league.


5. Games missed can be made up by pre or post bowling 1 week in advance/afterwards. All games counting toward a playoff team must be completed by the end of Sunday for week 6 in order for them to count for your team’s championship chances.


6. Absentee Score: Whenever a bowler is absent and games are not pre or post bowled, their score will be their average minus 10 pins and receive same/established handicap.


7. Vacancy Score: Whenever a team does not have at least 4 players bowl for a weeks scores a vacancy score shall be assigned to the team at 80 with handicap of 108.


8. Team Points: Each team can be awarded up to 4 points per week awarded by the score (with handicap). One point shall be awarded for each game won (3 games/night) & one point for the total series (with handicap).


9. Strike Pot & Bowling Poker are two side games common & beloved by OSSO Bowling leagues and will be played weekly amongst individual players. Participation is entirely optional…but you might want to bring cash if you do want to participate ;0)


10. Championship week will be on week 7. The top 2 teams after week 7 will compete head to head for the championship. Teams participating in the championship match must have four actual bowlers present with no vacancy. The rest of the teams will be matched up randomly. In case of a tie for a playoff spot, total pins for the season will be the tie breaker.


10. HAVE FUN!!!